About me

Name: Priya Singh
Age: 27
Look: Priya`s graceful demeanor and impeccable grooming sex person with a positive impression.
Body Size: Fit and slender, Priya maintains a healthy lifestyle to excel in her role.
Hair Color: Mahogany brown, her hair adds to her vibrant personality.
Smoking Status: smoker, ensuring a clean and comfortable environment onboard.
Experience: With 4 years in the industry, Priya`s expertise in attending to night parties needs is evident in every interaction.
Professionalism: Priya`s excellent communication skills and ability to handle challenging situations reflect her commitment to a seamless one night stand experience.


  • Age: 31
  • Weight: 60
  • Hair colour: Auburn
  • Nationality: India
  • Smoking: yes
  • 1 hour charge: 3900
  • Full time charge: 19000

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